“La ciudad de Guatemala desde el Cerro del Carmen”


Cuentan los Maudslay: The city of Guatemala occupies a beautiful position in the middle of a broad plain, surrounded on all sides by mountains and volcanoes…Two storied houses are as scarce as earthquakes are frequent.  Churches and houses alike are white-washed, and the general  effect is cheerful and even dazzling in the bright sunlight of the tropics…Street tramways, telegraph and telephone wires and enectric lights are there to keep us up to date; but in spite of their intrusion, it is Old Spain -the Spain of the Moors- which comes uppermost to one`s mind when wandering agout the city….Nothing in the whole city was so attractive to both of us as the great market-place, and there we spent many hours.

Me dieron ganas de compartir las fotos de A Glimpse at Guatemala(1899); un libro publicado por Ann Carey Maudslay y Alfred Percival Maudslay, viajeros británicos que estuvieron en Guatemala a finales del siglo XIX.

La ilustración es de Blanche Hunter a partir de una fotografía.



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