Desembarco en Guatemala, por los Maudslay


Mi bisabuela, Adela, contaba una historia similar a la de los Maudslay, de cuando vino a Guatemala por el Puerto de San Jose: We anchored in the open sea and when the time came to go ashore we were each in turn swung over the ships side in a chair and deposited with a bump on top of the other passengers and piles of baggage in a large lighter which swayed alongside.  The operation was reversed when we neared the shore, and a cage was lowered from the iron pier which loomed prodigiously and alarmingly hight above us, and we were swing in safety…even though landing was an unpleasant experience.

La foto es de de A Glimpse at Guatemala (1899);un libro publicado por Ann Carey Maudslay y Alfred Percival Maudslay, viajeros británicos que estuvieron en Guatemala a finales del siglo XIX.  Por cierto que mi copia de A glimpse...era de mi bisabuela, Adela.

La foto, es por A. P. Maudslay y el grabado es por la Swan Electric Engraving Co.



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