Guatemala de 1889 en el lente de los Maudslay


Alfred y Ann Maudslay nos relatan su viaje a Atitlán: All day long travelers would pass along the road, which ran within a few feet of our tent.  Sometimes it would be a party of Indian traders or carriers, their cacastes heavily laden with earthen cooking-pots or other mechandise…the Indians would put their loads and stop to rest under the shade of the trees and ask permission to fill their water-jars from the little pool as civilly as though we were its lawful possesors. Then they would light their fires by the roadside to heat their coffee and toast tortillas in the ashes.

Se me había olvidado compartir las fotos de A Glimpse at Guatemala(1899); un libro publicado por Ann Carey Maudslay y Alfred Percival Maudslay, viajeros británicos que estuvieron en Guatemala a finales del siglo XIX.  Aquí vuelvo a tomar esta serie de fotos encantadoras.

La foto, dice: Noonday rest,  es por A. P. Maudslay y el grabado es por la Swan Electric Engraving Co



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  1. Muy interesante, que educación la de entonces, tristemente eso y el respeto se han perdido
    Saludos Luisfi