Urban Outfitters y el criminal Che Guevara

La marca Urban Outfitters está produciendo ropa decorada con la imagen del Che Guevara y la palabra Revolución; y el cuate Thor Halvorssen, presidente de la Human Rights Foundation hizo lo que cualquier defensor de los derechos humanos -que se respete- debería hacer: le escribió una carta abierta a Ted Marlow, CEO de Urban Outfitters y le explicó qué clase de criminal era Guevara.

From 1959 to 1960, the new government carried out summary executions of at least 1,118 people by firing squad. Guevara himself presided over the notorious La Cabaña prison, where hundreds of the executions took place. For comparison’s sake, the Batista regime was responsible for 747 noncombatant deaths between 1952 and 1959. The Cuban revolution under the direction of Guevara also saw the rise of forced labor camps which gave way a few years later to full-scale concentration camps. These were filled with dissidents, homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Afro-Cuban priests, and anyone else who had committed “crimes” against the new moral revolution, dice la carta.

Thor explica que HRF does question the motives of Urban Outfitters in lionizing a murderer who did not even make an attempt to hide his bloody ideology. In a speech in front of the United Nations in 1964, Guevara proudly admitted that “yes, we have executed, we are executing, we will continue to execute.” He boasted of murdering Eutimio Guerra, bragging in his diary how he “ended the problem with a .32 caliber pistol, in the right side of his brain.” He believed in doing anything it took to achieve “the greater good” he envisioned for Cuba — including nuclear annihilation of the United States.

Y nos recuerda que during the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, Guevara favored engaging in nuclear war to “build a better world.” After the crisis was averted he lamented Soviet inaction, stating that if the missiles had been under Cuban control, he would have fired them. There is evidence that Guevara was involved in a November 1962 terrorist plot to use 1,200 pounds of TNT to blow up Macy’s, Gimbels, Bloomingdale’s, and Grand Central Station on the day after Thanksgiving, the busiest shopping day of the year. “At every stage of his adult life,” one historian noted of Guevara, “his megalomania manifested itself in the predatory urge to take over other people’s lives and property, and to abolish their free will.”

Mis respetos para Thor y para la Human Rights Foundation.





  1. Luis Fi,

    gracias por ponernos al día sobre este hecho y recordarnos que Guevara más que un “soñador” como lo ven cientos de estudiantes de las universidades estatales de América; fué un ASESINO.

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