Feb 07

Relato desde un tribunal egipcio

Se los paso como me vino, sin editar para no perderle el “sabor”; este es un reporte del ambiente en el tribunal durante el juicio contra Kareem:

it was so sad yesterday when we were there in the court .. i was shocked after the sentence of the judge though we were expecting from 3 to 9 years …the judge just said the decision and disappear in seconds …..i even coudnt see Kareem face ….but the other blogger who could said that he was searching in faces …want to reassured by the familiar faces he knows there was a mass of news agencies and channels and some were there just to be the first to get the more exciting stories ..which i didnt like at all they were looking for bearded man and then for any blogger to talk …. and waht was more shockin was the Egyptians reactions very simple egyptians dont know even what is the case …..and a lot of them make a more cruel sentence than the judge ” we should kill him” they said “he insult the prophet” they continue …..i just wanted to shout in their faces “if the prophet was alive he wouldnt do that and islam is not what you want to do to Kareem” ….it was sad ….kareem father and brothers didnt come and there were a rumors that the authority ordered them not to be present in the court ….at the end kareem is a victim of Mubarak regime , that Dictatorship regime that want to send a message warning for all of us the Egyptian bloggers and all of Egyptians that defends freedom and freedom of expression i think yesterday was the darkest day for the freedom in Egypt ….but as a blogger and as an Egyptian i will not stop to say what i think and i will not stop to criticize Mubarak and his regime and i will not stop to reveal all human rights violation in Egypt Shahinaz Abdel Salaman Egyptian Bloggerhttp://wa7damasrya.blogspot.com

Gracias a Constantino por enviar esta info.