La ciudad de Guatemala y los Maudslay


Cuentan los Maudslay: The city of Guatemala occupies a beautiful position in the middle of a broad plain, surrounded on all sides by mountains and volcanoes…The streets of the city are laid out at right angles, and they gain on appearance of breadth from the lowness of the houses.  Two -storied houses are as scarce as earthquakes are frequent…churches and houses alike are white-washed and the general effect is cheerful, and even dazzling in the bright sunlight of the tropics…the deep-set windows, barred with the heavy iron “reja” and the broad “zaguan” or porch, through which one catches a glimpse of the arches of a colonnade round a patio bright with flowers or chequered with the grateful shade of trees, take one back at once to the sunny plains of Andalusia.

La foto es de de A Glimpse at Guatemala(1899);un libro publicado por Ann Carey Maudslay y Alfred Percival Maudslay, viajeros británicos que estuvieron en Guatemala a finales del siglo XIX.

La foto, es por A. P. Maudslay y el grabado es por la Swan Electric Engraving Co.



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