San Antonio Palopó en la lente de los Maudslay


Así vieron San Antonio Palopó los Maudslay en 1889: The walls of the queer-looking houses are built of rough stones held together by a framework of undressed sticks, and a grass thatch covers the roof.  Each house stands within a small enclosure formed by a rough stone wall of a reed fence, snd some attempt has here and there been made to plant these enclosures with flowers; but usually the hard surface of the earth is swept bare.  There are only two or three trees in all the village, and as none of the of the indian houses are plastered or white-washed, the prevailing colour is a dusky brown of earth, rock and thatch which renders all the more striking the striped huipils of the women and the red-and-white handkerchiefs bound around the men´s heads.

La foto es de de A Glimpse at Guatemala(1899);un libro publicado por Ann Carey Maudslay y Alfred Percival Maudslay, viajeros británicos que estuvieron en Guatemala a finales del siglo XIX.

La foto, dice: San Antonio,  es por A. P. Maudslay y el grabado es por la Swan Electric Engraving Co.



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