Free Normando Hernández

To the High Commissioner for Human Rights of the United Nations;
to the Director of Amnesty International;
to the Interamerican Commission of Human Rights;
to the Director of Human Rights Watch;
to the Director of the International Red Cross;
to the Director of Reporters without Borders;
to the International Public Opinion,

Two months have elapsed since Costa Rica’s Office of Immigration granted a humanitarian visa to Normando Hernandez, an opponent of Cuba’s communist regime. The Cuban Government continues to pursue its policy of silence in this matter while exerting a constant and inhumane pressure on Mr. Hernandez, a journalist who has been unjustly imprisoned and suffers from a number of afflictions as part of his extremely precarious health.

This visa was issued to Mr. Hernandez thanks to efforts by Costa Rican legislators Fernando Sanchez, of the National Liberation Party, Evita Arguedas, of the Libertarian Movement, and Jose Manuel Echandi, of the National Union Party. Mr. Echandi stated, just a few weeks ago, that he would report the insensitivity of the Cuban authorities to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. We hereby support this action and ask the international community to cooperate in this important humanitarian effort.

Mr. Hernandez, who was arrested during the “Black Spring” of 2003 together with 74 members of Cuba’s peaceful civic opposition is now being held in a prison known for its conditions of extreme hardship.

The progressive deterioration of Mr. Hernandez’ health is something the Cuban Government is perfectly aware of, as the only responsible party for the prompt and fatal results of keeping him in prison.

We hereby appeal to international humanitarian solidarity for assistance in gaining the release of Normando Hernandez from prison and enabling this innocent journalist to leave Cuba (for safe haven in Costa Rica).

World public opinion will no doubt one day sit in judgment and sanction all those involved in this ongoing crime against humanity.


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